T minus 12 days

1 Jul

Hard to believe that in 12 days, we’ll be pulling into Santa Fe for a new beginning. Here’s an update on our progress:

  • We have a place to live! We found a house to rent, and its owner is a licensed Realtor who has a few other properties. She has been really helpful and understanding through this whole process and we’re relieved to have checked such a large thing off our list with such a nice person. Our dog Thunder is welcome here, and I think he’ll enjoy having that small outdoor area.
  • Image
  • We’ve planned our route. We leave Friday to head down to Delaware to spend the night with my husband’s family. Then on Saturday we drive to Columbus, Ohio. Then Sunday it’s on to Lexington, Ky., to see my grandparents. From there, it will be Springfield, Mo. > Amarillo, Texas > Santa Fe. We’ve got dog-friendly hotels booked along the way.
  • .Image

Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers and encouragement you all have been sending our way. Everybody is really excited about this move for us, and it makes it that much more fun for us!

Updated prayer requests:

  • That our current apartment will be leased out quickly. Because we’re leaving before our lease is up, we have to pay the rent until that happens. Going down to one salary will be fine with just one lease in Santa Fe, but another one that is double that back here in New Jersey will be very difficult to manage.
  • That some of our large furniture will sell. For the move, we will be driving with the dog in a car, but we have reserved two U-Pack containers. We pack them, and then they drive them cross-country. But we need to make sure everything will fit, and we’d rather not take some of the pieces we’re not in love with.
  • Along with that, patience in dealing with Craigslist people…
  • Continuing requests are for me to be able to bring in a few bucks somehow (I’m sorta digging the idea of just being a freelance contractor) and for us to be able to find friends and a community in Santa Fe.

As you can imagine, we are extremely busy at this point and I haven’t had much time to update. So if I don’t get to do it again before we hit the road on Friday, I’ll see you on the other side!

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